I had a dream.........

In 2001 I had the dream of doing the Noosa Triathlon. I could swim, I could ride a bike, but I had constant knee issues that made me believe I was never going to ever be able to run 10kms. The dream gradually got put to the back of my mind as I thought it was never achievable as no matter what I did I couldn't run pain free. Then over a 5 year period I put on about 20kgs and didn't recognise myself. I always liked to be fit and healthy, and was in denial about how big I had become. A move to Perth in 2012, a change of relationship and a physio that worked wonders on me (Kim O'Leary) had me run 3kms without walking! This was a huge achievement for me.

We are now in 2015 and I weigh 20kgs lighter than my heaviest (a couple of extra xmas kgs), I get constant compliments about how happy I look, and have caught up with people who don't even recognise me. I started with a mini triathlon in 2013 for the Women's Tri after I had set my New's Year's resolution to complete a Sprint distance in April of 2013, and I am now on the verge of going to Chicago in September for the Sprint World Championship's.

Stay true to yourself and ANYTHING is possible!